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Will He Still Look Like Me... by Pyratesque Will He Still Look Like Me... by Pyratesque
.... If I blow his pretty little face off?

I totally seeing this go down...

Ok, so, Zeph is there with his brother, Zachary-Donovan. but he does know that they are brothers.

Enjoy my lil skit!

~ ~ ~

Walking down the deck of the Scarlet Sea Phantom, Captain Zeph stumbles upon some banter amongst the crew. Wanting to share in their laughs and merriment, he walks over, leans in and places hands on the shoulder of two of his fellow sea bandits. The crowd saw Zeph from the moment he approached, and those sitting on crates and those standing all hushed their voices and rose suspicion in their captain. "What be this? Something be to funny that me ears can't listen in on?"
"It ain't be that, Cap'n," One crewmate replied after much hesitation. The rest of the crew exchanges raspy whispers. "We just know ye ain't inclined to favor what we be jesting 'bout."
This made Zeph's face turn sour but he was quick to calm his nerves and smile even. "I ain't be inclined, eh?" He looks around to find a willing pig in the crowd to squeal for him. He laid eyes on one of his masterful crewmates who could never tell him a lie, his first mate Kamau, "Ye thar, Kam, me matey."
Immediately, Kamau knew where this was going and made a heavy sigh bellow out of his chest. The whispers grew more rampant. "Aye, Cap'n?"
"Tell me know, what here be so funny that I may not be so inclined to jest 'bout?" He glared at the crewmate who spoke those very words and he looked away, scratching the back his head.
"Well, Cap'n..." He shrugged, "I grant ye it ain't be no secret that ye don't be in favor of this notion...." He continued, treading lightly with his approach, "The crew be just joking about how ye and Zack-D look alike, be all."
"This again?!" He pushed some aside with a temper rising, "Where be this little shit you think looks like me? That base bilge rat ye dare put into the same sentence with me?" He pulled out his pistol and glared around the deck.
One crewmate, lanky and dirty and looking to cause trouble, spoke out with a gap-toothed grin, "He be tendin' to the mizzen mast, Cap'n."
When Zeph stomped over to the location of his potential next victim, he was followed close by his first mate. Kamau's voice rumbled the planks as did his heavy stride, trying to protest against Zeph's intent, "Cap'n, I beseech ye, Zack ain't the one to place blame on for this."
"Aye, but he be the source of such treachery of the tongue by me crew." He finds Zachary, tending faithfully to the mast as the captain was informed. Zeph grabs Zack by the neck and pulls him back. Zachary gasped out of surprise and fear as he meets sights with the end of a barrel of Zeph's pistol.
"Ahh! Captain, I–" He shudders and swallows deeply. "Please, sir, if I didn't tie the lines right, I will! I–"
"That ain't be why I hold a gun to ye head, mate!" He smiled cynically cheery. Something about having the upper hand in this situation delighted him.
Zackary couldn't do anything else but plea, "Then please, please let me know what I did wrong to get a gun to me head..."
Zeph leans in, and whispers words that terrify Zackary, "Ever consider yer lil' face be the bane of my very nerves?" He then threw his head back and exclaimed, "I ask ye one thing, ye filthy dogs, will he still look like me.... if I blow his pretty little face off?!"

. . .

~ ~ ~


Those who do read this, I applaud you!

ENJOY, ALL! Ahooooy Matey!

Art, Characters © The-EggNog-Factory 

(I forget where I got the texture from. I'm horrible ;_; )

Original Post on Tumblr

Done in copics and stuff.
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Iiwi Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Student General Artist
//ADORES your skill and the traditional colouring
I really love how you drew them seriously
Your dynamics for the male anatomy v.v is just lovely and beautiful.

I really like the atmosphere and interaction between the two, it's really well done!

Keep up the good work:heart:
Pyratesque Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks darling! I always have a love for traditional~ so your words mean a lot!

I didn't see this as too dynamic but thanks! ahaha I'm glad you like the interaction. bwahaaaaahaaaaa
Iiwi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student General Artist
^w^ I am glad you will always have a love for traditional some people leave and never come back v.v

yes :> the interaction was well done.
ScurvySimon Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh sorry this is so late, I still have a lot of old deviations to get through in my inbox.  But yay, it's great to see your pirate characters again!  I love the poses here, they really bring out the characters and the interaction between them.  Sounds like Zeph isn't too pleased about somebody looking like him. O_o

Great job on the colouring too. =) I especially like how you did the facial hair, you can really see the texture of the stubble!
Pyratesque Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks for your comment, I don't mind when you drop feedback, so long as I get them, I am delighted, and yours are so fun to read over and I am honored you take the time to make them! I really appreciate what you say! I haven't copic colored in a bit before this so I am happy it looks pretty good! I had a problem with the lighting tho! I hope it isn't too out there! XD
Cusd Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
had I known he had a brother....well I....heh hehh hehhhh hehhhhhhh <3333

I love their expressions here bliss, you even got emotion in the hand gestures. ALso really loving that bandanna and its pattern and colour <3 Really awesome work, I can really see their bond <3<3 ;w ; keep it up!
Pyratesque Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student General Artist
awwwww hon, thanks for the comment! I am so glad you like the composition pretty much! Yesss he is a baby bro. The relationship is sooooo fun! 8D but but but.... I was afraid that him actually looking like a pirate lowered his sexiness. GAHHH but whateva his attitude isn't too hot anyways. xD
MadArtistParadise Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Um...Cap' may be taking thing bit too far...your scaring your kid brother for ocean's sake...

my attempt of talking ye pirate language, xD
Pyratesque Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student General Artist
lmfao pyrate talk is mad complicated for such uneducated folk. haha nice effort tho! he should really chill out but he never does. xD
MadArtistParadise Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Me think I need to watch Pirate of the Caribbean again, xD Can learn for the best of all pirates, Captian Jack Sparrow! ROFL
Pyratesque Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student General Artist
awww sucks. the best of 'em is Ole Edward Teach! aka Mr. Blackbeard himself! now that would be the best guy to learn from. xD
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